Our Beers

What’s your flavor? This page describes each of our beers and how they were developed! To see what is currently available, please visit our online store.

Bloodshot Ryeball IPA | 7.1% ABV

Although this offering was first created in New Mexico, it really came to fruition while driving from New Mexico to Maine; twice. With the help of my wife, Bob Seger, a cat, a dog with a cone on her head, and some seriously bloodshot eyes; this intriguing IPA blossomed. It is generously hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, and Columbus hops; and balanced with a malty base and spicy rye backbone. Definitely one of my favorites!

Down the Hatch | 5.3% ABV


Hatch, New Mexico is world famous for it’s green chiles. Every August, the aroma of roasted chiles fills the air. It is the thing I miss most. We still roast fresh chiles at our house and savor in the aroma, if only for a weekend.

Down the Hatch is a light amber ale that will tease your senses with a taste of Hatch. Adding the chiles prior to roasting allows the flavor and aroma to shine, without the heat of the pepper.
Close your eyes, take a sip, and allow the flavor of Hatch to transport you to the chile fields of Southern New Mexico.

Amee's Ale | 4.9 % ABV


When a close friend asks you to make a lighter beer offering when visiting, you push back as much as possible; but ultimately give in. Amee’s Ale is one of my first creations when homebrewing. It combines Pilsen and 2 row malts for a crisp and light finish; then finished with sweet orange peel used to balance out the subtle hop profile. This is definitely a choice for those who prefer the lighter side of craft beer.

Old Town Blonde | 6.3 % ABV

The quaint streets and eclectic shops of Old Town Albuquerque give everyone who visit, a taste of New Mexico. When walking, you get the faint smell of Biscochito; the state cookie of New Mexico. Old Town blonde is a smooth and light blonde that blends Maine grown malt and Golding hops with Biscochito Pinon coffee beans. Enjoy the subtle notes of vanilla and cinnamon in our flagship offering.

Straight Outta Berwick | 6% ABV

S.O.B. is what happens when you brew a traditional American IPA while jamming out to NWA’s 1988 masterpiece; Straight Outta Compton. Ahtanum and Amarillo hops are accentuated by mango puree and balanced by a light malt bill and the bitterness is kept in check. Although Berwick is a long way from Compton; this favorite is our way of staying a bit gangsta!

Ridlon Road Bown | 6.3% ABV

Every town has “that road.” Although Ridlon Road is now a paved, built up version of itself; it wasn’t when I was young. Ridlon Road used to be where us kids would go to do some campin’; muddin’, and partyin’. We would also do some cussin’ and drinkin’; but don’t tell our parents that. Hints of chocolate and dark roasted barley round out this smooth American Brown Ale. Brown ales can sometimes be forgotten; just like the old days on Ridlon Road. We plan to keep the beer around along with the memories…

Compromise IPA | 6% ABV

New England style!?! WHAT!?! The name of this creation says it all! People have been pushing me to release a New England style IPA since we opened the doors. Being a traditionalist, I have definitely been dragging my feet on doing so. I tend to be quite stubborn; but even I can learn to compromise. Because of this, Compromise was created and has found its way into the can you are drinking.

This beer has an enormous amount of flaked oats which helps with the mouthfeel and presentation. Citra hops have the lead role; along with a supporting cast of rotating hop varieties. Whirlpool additions and dry hopping are bountiful which provides an aroma that is in your face. DRINK FRESH!! Cheers!

Aroma Joe's Coffee Porter | 5.6% ABV

Aroma Joe’s fuels the modern world by focusing daily on the customer, the community, and the cup. Here at Corner Point Brewing, we have a similar philosophy; just with our beer. So why not blend the two together!
Vienna malt is the foundation for this robust porter. We then
blend Aroma Joe’s coffee and a touch of lactose. This is a collaboration made in coffee heaven! Cheers!

Tularosa Chuck | 5.3% ABV ​


The Southwest is famous for outlaws. Names like Billy the Kid, Buckshot Roberts, Doc Holliday, and Cherokee Bill. Another is Tularosa Chuck Bogdan. Chuck was famous for robbing pecan coaches in Southern New Mexico. Fearing capture, Tularosa Chuck left NM and lived his days out on the family farm in far away, Berwick, Maine.

These days, Chuck’s descendants run the farm and maple syrup is what they do best! To pay homage to Chuck, we created a dark milk stout that
combines both New Mexican pecans and Bogdan Farm maple syrup. Take a sip, close your eyes, and let the flavors transport you back to the wild west

Hefen Help Us | 4.6% ABV


2020 has been one hell of a year! COVID-19 has shut all of us down for an unprecedented amount of time, we are all learning to live a new Normal, and civil unrest is at a boiling point.

Because of this; Hefen Help Us will showcase a rotating label each year. Each label will focus on things impacting our country that year. Although the label will change, what’s inside will not. Inside the can will be a perfect blend of German malt and Hallertau hops, along with a classic yeast strain that provides a touch of banana and clove. DRINK UP!!

Maybe; just maybe, Hefen Help Us will get us through this and any other obstacle this world throws at us. Cheers!

Peeno da Greege | 4.6% ABV


This light American ale was created for enjoyment during the dog days of Summer.

The Pinot Grigio twist was something that was not part of the original recipe. As the temperature outside climbed, we received numerous requests for white wine in the tasting room. The preverbial light bulb went off in my head and I had the thought to age the beer on Pinot Grigio oak chips. We did and viola; Peeno da Greege was born!

The fruity grape aroma and flavor blend well with the slight acidic and dry finish. Drink up; we will make more! Cheers!

Cranberry Meadow | 3.8% ABV


When I was younger, I would walk from my house on Rt. 9 (School St.) down Cranberry Meadow Road. Sometimes to just get away; other times to hang with friends. There are more houses on the road now; but it still has the same feel and charm it did way back then.

In dedication to the road, this golden ale base is blended with copious amounts of cranberry
puree. This provides a slightly tart, very refreshing beer with a pretty cool look.

The ironic aspect is; looking back on it now, I don’t ever recall seeing cranberry’s on Cranberry Meadow Road… Oh well, enjoy it anyways! Cheers

For Fox Sake | 4.6% ABV

Last year, we teamed up with Sheri Clement to help raise money for her to run the New York City marathon as part of “Team Fox”; which is a grassroots community fundraising program of The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The foundation raises funds and awareness for Parkinson’s research. We have teamed up with Sheri again this year to help raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

This wheat beer is heavily dosed with blackberry puree, which gives it a nice purple color and slightly tart finish. For Fox Sake, drink as much as you can, so we can donate as much as we can to help Team Fox!